Rust Audio

Which MIDI library: Midly vs Rimd

I’ve been looking at these two libraries and I’m not sure which I should use for parsing/generating a MIDI file. Midly looks a lot more modern/advanced than RIMD, but obviously RIMD belongs to the rust audio group.

Currently I just need to generate midi files that would be imported into Reaper/Whatever. At some point I will probably need a parser, though it wouldn’t be realtime.

I have used both and I think both are ok (at least for my needs). I’ve switched from rimd to midly since the package of rimd hasn’t been updated for a long time.

I wouldn’t worry about midly not belonging to the Rust audio group. To illustrate: wmidi didn’t belong to the rust audio group either at the beginning, but it was an excellent crate and now it’s part of the Rust audio group.

Good to know. Thanks.