Rust Audio

What Crate would be helpful in creating an OSX Audio Driver?

I would like to create an audio driver where I can direct audio output from one app and pipe it to a virtual input for use in a DAW.
Are any of the Rust Audio Crates useful for this?
I looked into rust-jack and it seemed to high level for this sort of thing. the goal is to be able to install a driver and then select it from within another program as either and input or output.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @AlanSwenson, welcome to this forum!

Since you mention OSX in the title of your post, I assume you are looking for something specific to OSX. As far as I understand Apple’s ecosystem (I have no personal experience with it), AudioUnits may be what you are looking for. The coreaudio-rs crate has a module for AudioUnits. I honestly don’t know how useable it is, but you may want to give it a try. If it doesn’t work at first time, you can try to use the version from the repository directly (instead of from since this is updated more recently, you can try to use the raw unsafe bindings. Or you can contribute, of course :slight_smile:

Please keep us in the loop with your progress @AlanSwenson!

I’ve always thought it would be sweet to have a cross-platform virtual “driver” crate or something along these lines, but it’s never been enough of a priority for me to take action on it. I’d be curious to hear how you go and what you learn if you decide to dive in!