Rust Audio

Welcome to Discourse

Welcome to the Rust Language Audio Discourse! The discussion here is for audio projects in the Rust programming language. You can post development progress, tutorials, resources, or requests for help here.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in developing audio related projects in the Rust programming language.

What should go here?

We all have chat programs. Slack, Telegram, Zulip, Discord… Stream-based messaging platforms are great at talking in realtime, but aren’t great at preserving in-depth discussions without interruption, nor are they good at preserving important & informative information.

This is where forums come in!

When should I use a chat app, and when should I use Discourse?

As a general rule, consider creating a topic on the forums if the discussion you’re having

  • Contains helpful resources or links
  • Explains a common problem or concept
  • Needs in-depth or uninterrupted communication
  • References big changes or decisions for a project that require further comments