Web-audio-api-rs: a pure rust implementation of the W3C spec

We are happy to announce we are nearing the v1 release of our web-audio-api-rs project. This is a pure Rust implementation of the W3C spec so you can utilize the WebAudioAPI outside of the browser.

The Web Audio API allows you to build a rich audio graphs with sources, effects, spatial features, mixing, sample accurate timings, and much more. Web developers should feel right at home with us if they want to get their hands dirty with audio processing in rust.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but we feel confident releasing this version in the public. The API is stable, reasonably feature complete and performance is decent.

We would love it if you try out some of the examples and start hacking your own audio graphs. We have limited availability of hardware so you might run into quirks that we should fix. It’s all cpal under the hood so we are probably fine.

Similar projects are

  • dasp_graph (low-level audio graph lib)
  • kira (high-level, aimed at game audio)
  • LabSound (C++ fork from the WebKit WebAudio implementation)