Rust Audio

Useful resources for learning about audio development

We’re creating a site for the Rust audio ecosystem and development. In our telegram chat, we’ve already posted a few great resources.

What are some resources that would be good to save for potentially linking to the site? They don’t have to be specifically Rust-oriented, but should relate to audio development or DSP in general. (For instance, an article about mixing or mastering would not be a good candidate, whereas an article about understanding bandlimiting would be perfect).

That’s just in the recent history, there’s a bunch more stuff you can probably find if you dig through the Telegram history.

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“Electronic Engineering Handbook” (Ralph Batcher) is apparently “The tube book” – might be useful for tube saturator emulator VSTs, etc.

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Also mentioned on that thread:

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These free books by Julius Smith are good on the theory of DSP (he’s only interested in musical applications, which makes him rare):

They don’t require a lot of math going in as he develops it, but they become fairly heavy going quite quickly.

Karl Heiner has created python notebooks for the first two books in the series, which are pretty useful:

The other books which might be worth looking at are Will Pirkle’s two books on writing plugins. His first book is about to get a second edition, so might be worth waiting up on that.


Will also has some good stuff on his website, from himself and a number of his former students:

I’ve switched to using GNU Octave almost exclusively for prototyping (syntactically similar to MATLAB, if you ever find resources for that). I’ve also been looking at using Julia/Jupyter notebooks for more things but the signal and control packages in Octave cover 90% of my use cases.

Audio Signal Processing by Zölzer is an excellent text (there’s an old pdf floating around the internet), some of it is a little dated covering hardware concerns, but the bulk of it is extremely useful.

DAFX, edited by Zölzer is a cookbook of formulas/algorithms for audio DSP.

More DSP oriented, I have this and this at my desk. The former is more of a reference, the latter is my go-to for implementation details (has a lot of MATLAB code). The chapters on FIR design and sample rate conversion are particularly useful.

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