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Rust-lv2 book repository

Hello everyone!

The rust-lv2 project has made some nice progress lately and I would like to begin with the “translation” of the lv2 book, as I’ve done before. Could someone with permission create a repo called rust-lv2-book, please?

This book is a very general guide on how to create LV2 plugins, but since it is written for C applications, it doesn’t really apply to Rust; Especially not to our abstractions. Therefore, I would like to “translate” the book into the rust-lv2 ecosystem to give users a jump start into plugin creation. Translating the book during crate development also acts as a realistic integration test and as an indicator to it’s progress.

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@doomy , do you know who can help @Janonard with this?

Any progress here? Telling from @Yruama_Lairba’s experience, it would help a lot if the book would move to the RustAudio group.