Rust Audio

Resources/Example projects using dasp

Are there any example projects that you know of using the dasp crate? I’m trying to use it for a project, but aside from the api docs, there don’t really seem to be tutorials or example projects using it, so it’s kind of difficult to really understand how I should be using all the pieces together (I’m new to audio and rust).

For context, I’m trying to implement my own version of NoiseTorch using Nnnoiseless, so I need to know how to use Signals and possibly windows (the nnnoiseless crate works on a frame, ie. a fixed sized buffer , but in dasp frame means something different). I’m trying to integrate this with PulseAudio, so I need to be able to convert between raw slices and dasp signals.

Is this crate actually being used anywhere?

Hello, it looks like the maintainers of dasp are in the Nannou slack, you’ll be able to find more support there

awesome thanks :smiley: