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Problems with

Hey there, I’ve recently had some trouble with First of all, I wasn’t able to cancel and restart builds of rust-lv2, of which I’m the first maintainer. While troubleshooting this issue, I’ve also discovered that Travis didn’t list RustAudio as one of my organizations. The build checks for pull requests and the status indications for commits don’t work either.

Has any encountered similar difficulties recently? Assuming that I’m properly reading between the lines, Travis CI wants everyone to migrate to Maybe this might fix something; I’ve requested the installation of for rust-lv2. Could one of the maintainers, maybe @doomy or @mindtree, grant the installation?

Hi @Janonard!

I feel you, I’ve also been having issues with in all the repositories I help maintain under github organisations of late. I guess there must have been a change of some sort in travis’ handling of organisation repositories?

We’ve had some success integrating github action workflows as an alternative approach to CI recently. As much as I dislike adding more dependence on github, it’s quite nice to use, much faster and I don’t imagine it would be difficult to translate the workflows to some other CI solution if the necessity came about. You can find examples of this integration at the RustAudio/cpal repository and also at the nannou-org/nannou repo (see the .github/workflows directory).

That said, if you’d prefer to switch to I have no great preference on the matter. Let us know what we can do to help.

PS: I just tried signing into but it wants read/write access to all of my repositories (including private ones) and I can’t seem to pick and choose which I’d like to allow access to :thinking: I’d prefer not to hand over full permissions to all my private stuff to another private company if possible (Github is already enough :sweat_smile:).

Ahh I only just noticed the Github email about the request! I’ve accepted the requrest for rust-lv2.