Rust Audio

Plugin Standards

Many plugin standards exist, and separate versions of each interface can be very different. As these standards further fragment, creating a plugin can become more and more confusing. Here, we will briefly describe common audio plugin standards.

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I like that post giving a general idea of most standards. However, I’ve got some comments for the LV2 section: First of all, LV2 is platform-agnostic, but very few DAWs support it. I would therefore prefer the introduction to say something like

While promising, LV2 is only supported by a few open source DAWs.

Also, I would add “Giving an overview about LV2” to the “further reading” list instead of the discussion thread, since it really is further reading material.

Lastly, I would stress that the current implementations of LV2 libraries are prototypes, not full-fleshed products.

If you get an opportunity before I do, you’re welcome to PR the file from which this was generated with changes :smiley: