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Paused Rust-LV2 development

Hello all,

I should have addressed this weeks ago, but I had to pause the Rust-LV2 project because I currently don’t have the time to maintain it. I’m sorry, but my schedules for this semester are pretty demanding right now. However, I will definitely continue the project in late July when the semester has ended!


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@Janonard, no reason to apologize. It’s normal that the amount of attention that open source projects get from unpaid volunteers has its ups and downs as their other projects/family/study/job require less or more attention.

Is anyone else working on Rust-LV2 at the moment (except me :slight_smile: )?

I have a couple of new features for Rust-LV2, for example today I implemented LV2 Options. Also the UI stuff is progressing.

Is there anyone with whom I should discuss my work right now, or should I just keep hacking and we’ll discuss it when your study schedule allows you?

Hello everyone, I’m back!

I’ll start to ramp up my activity the following days. Let’s get things done!