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Path to Rust Audio - and forwards

If I remember correctly, one of our members owns (edit: Raph owns it) the domain. I would like to assign this discourse the custom URL of, as well as have a landing page for itself developed off of the designs I am currently creating.

This thread serves a few purposes:

  • What is currently needed in order to finalize that ownership?
  • What content should live on the site?

Ownership & Naming

Rust Audio is already a thing (on GitHub). In fact, that’s where currently redirects. There’s many awesome audio-related projects. Because of this, we’ve been hesitant to simply take ownership of the Rust Audio “brand”. There’s a few things we can do here:

  1. Get permission to use Stay a separate group (rust-dsp), and use the domain to publish topics on related development (rust-vst, etc.)
  2. Merge into the Rust Audio group. Move the vst project over to Rust Audio, and open up the site to accommodate all things related to rust and audio.
  3. Stay separate groups, but do everything else in #2.

All of these require permission and coordination, so they take approximately the same amount of effort. In my opinion, if the Rust Audio folks are OK with it, I think it would be beneficial to the Rust ecosystem as a whole to share our efforts in one place as documented in #2.


We’ve been thinking about this for a while, and unfortunately had not much success due to other responsibilities and not enough communication. I think forums are a perfect place to document how we should move forwards and what needs to be accomplished. So, we need to answer a few questions:

  1. How should we address the groups (i.e., what option above makes the most sense?)
  2. Who exactly do we need to talk to in order for this to happen? Who from Rust Audio should we talk to, and who owns the domain itself?
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Here’s some unorganized thoughts:

  • We aren’t really a “Rust DSP” group. We mostly just work with VST as of right now, and DSP just happens to be a useful tool for creating stuff you put into a VST. There are other applications of DSP beyond just audio too – image/video processing, for example. Maybe we should consider changing our group name to reflect that? (Stuff that I would expect to be part of a “Rust DSP” group would be things like RustFFT.)
  • Since the “Rust Audio” group seems pretty hard to contact (are they even a group, or just a random collection of people?), I’d say we can just move forward with the site until someone complains. :slight_smile:
  • I’m indifferent as to whether or not we merge with Rust Audio, especially if they don’t really coordinate with each other anyway (?). We’d probably still need our own chat group focused on VST development either way.
  • Either way, should probably be a collection of all of the various (even vaguely-) audio-related resources in the Rust ecosystem. It shouldn’t just focus on our group, but should link to a bunch of different stuff: The “Rust Audio” github group, our group, RustFFT and any other unaffiliated crates, etc. It would also be cool to link to not-necessarily-Rust audio-focused resources, but now I’m just creeping scope :slight_smile:
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I agree. I think we’ve made enough effort to reach out (Not complaining, I know we all get busy!) and at this point we should probably just move ahead, if there’s no objections.

You’re right about groups, we most likely would be sectioned off anyways, since we are more plugin-focused at the moment. I would definitely be up for coordinating better if it was possible, though. seems similar to something like, or other areweXyet sites - making it a general resource as you said is a good idea.

As far as our own group name, I wouldn’t be opposed, but I’ll leave that discussion to another thread since it’s IMO much lower priority-wise.

We do own Are We Audio Yet? as well (I think @veeti?), so maybe they’re a little redundant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We can probably figure out what we want each site to do vs. the other later, if we want a split at all.

pff I can’t believe I forgot about that…

We could have some libraries “featured” on, and then have the “see all” redirect to Or we could just CNAME the latter domain to’s full page. I don’t have a strong preference either way.

Regarding ownership, I’m happy to either point the domain to wherever makes the most sense, or do a transfer to whoever would like it.

Sorry I haven’t been as involved lately. My day job (text layout) has been taking my full attention.


No need to apologize, I’m excited to see the outcome of your layout work! I’m also a bit stretched thin across some projects, so site progress has been slow.

I think it can be put on hold until the site progresses further. Once we hit an MVP we can point the domain to the right places and make a post on /r/rust, etc.

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I like the idea of a community subdomain.

One thing I would like to see is us get an HTTPS certificate for the main domain, so that folks can feel warm and fuzzy while logging in, and to avoid the obnoxious “Not Secure” notice in the browser.

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Since we’re going to be using netlify, SSL is thankfully as easy as clicking a button. While the forums here have SSL, it doesn’t force it for some reason. I’ll have to reach out to support for that since our instance is managed.

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Hi folks! I really appreciate your effort to bring the rusty audio community together! I started the RustAudio github org a few years back with very similar intentions :slight_smile:

Also, I’m very sorry if I’ve been a little difficult to contact! The organisation is one of many that I am contributing to and managing and these alongside my contract work and recent relocation to Berlin leave me a little strapped for time. These days I normally only contribute to crates like sample, coreaudio-rs/sys etc when I need them for some project (e.g. the spatial audio server we wrote for melbourne museum, or for audio support in nannou), otherwise I try to briefly review PRs when I get the chance.

RustAudio itself is pretty much as you described - just a group of audio heads! I would be more than happy to see the organisation merge with the rust-dsp group in some way. @doomy If you would like to use the RustAudio moniker as the umbrella organisation, let me know and I’ll be happy to make you a co-owner of the group.

Something I’ve been meaning to get around to is to first distinguish between the dead and living repos at the org. I think we have received a couple of repos by folks who no longer had the time to manage their projects themselves. My intention was not for RustAudio to become a project boneyard, but more a suite of useful crates for the audio community, that are easy to find and that the audio community could collaborate on together. Perhaps it could be useful to identify these crates and move them into some other organisation along the lines of rust-audio-unmaintained? Perhaps I’ll open another thread listing each of the repos currently under the RustAudio organisation and my impression of their current state.

Another nice starting point might be to update the description with links to this forum and the new site.


Great to have you here! I’m on board with merging into Rust Audio - I’ll do a quick check with our current group and see their thoughts.

Marking some repos as unmaintained/in need of a maintainer is a good idea. Often I see the question “is this still active?” in the rust ecosystem, so I’m sure any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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