Rust Audio

New Rust bindings: libFLAC and minimp3_ex

I’ve recently published two crates:

Those are my first published Rust crates, so it would be great to get some feedback from experienced crate maintainers.
I’m sure I’ve done some things wrong …

Both crates are in some sense extensions of already existing crates:

There is, which doesn’t seem to include a to build and/or link libFLAC. The Github repo ( seems kinda abandoned and they haven’t responded to my issue

The other one is, which provides bindings to minimp3.h, but I needed some features (mainly seeking) from minimp3_ex.h, so I made my own bindings. Also, the minimp3-sys crate doesn’t seem to provide a way to use f32 as output data type.

I hope those are good enough reasons to make my own bindings.

I’m planning to keep maintaining those crates, but I would also like to donate them to the in order to make sure they are not abandoned in case I stop responding for whatever reason.

Would you (the group admins) be interested in that?

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