Rust Audio

Nannou the creative coding framework awarded MOSS grant for Rust audio dev

Hey folks, very happy to be announcing this!

I’ll likely start this work within the next week or two and will aim to keep the Rust Audio folks updated on plans and progress in this thread. I’ll post back here with the CPAL issues and PRs we have in our sights soon.


Yay! Congrats!

I’d appreciate work on CPAL very much, just revived my project this weekend and hit old CPAL problems again. Inability to cleanly exit event loop is particularly annoying.

Hi @mindtree. This is great news!

I’m interested in the “standard audio graph abstraction and crate” because it would be awesome if it could be combined with rsynth as well. So please let me know when you’re about to design this, so that I can have a look at it and maybe give some useful input.

I had a look at CPAL and it seems that it is similar in purpose to rsynth, with the difference that CPAL focuses on “general purpose” audio backends (alsa, wasapi, coreaudio, …), whereas rsynth focuses on backends for music purposes (VST, jack, hopefully lv2, …). Ideally, rsynth and CPAL could be unified into one crate (only the “backend abstracion” part; the synth-specific stuff from rsynth could be split into a separate crate). I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for unifying, however (but adding CPAL as an extra backend for rsynth is on the radar now and seems to be doable).

That being said, I think it can be inspiring to compare the design of the two crates. You can find my notes on the design of rsynth here. I hope this can be of help.