Rust Audio

Modular synthesizer with microtonal features

Hi everyone,

hopefully, this is the right place to introduce my own synthesizer project microwave that I have been constantly working on since quite a year.

My plan is to create a synthesizer / audio workstation with an audio-workstation-as-code approach. All configuration (audio flow, custom waveforms, effects, interactions, songs, whatever) should be available as data types that can be serialized to or deserialized from a file. It should be possible to edit those files manually s.t. version tracking and collaboration become possible . :slight_smile:

The data-driven approach makes no assumptions about whether you want to use the workstation in a GUI environment, CLI environment or as a web interface (which could be controlled via a smart phone). You can even deploy the synthesizer engine to the web which I tested a couple of months ago.

If you like my approach, please don’t hesitate to test microwave and/or give feedback on my ideas or, even better, submit an issue or PR. :wink: