Rust Audio

Migration plan for RustAudio

Hey everyone,

If you are a member of the Rust DSP group, you should have received an invitation to the RustAudio group.

Fate of Rust DSP

At this time, it isn’t going anywhere. I want to transfer our actively developed repositories over to Rust Audio, however. This includes vst, lv2, and more. Expect some errors with projects that use CI - I’ll try to fix them as soon as they come up.

Member roles

The structure of Rust Audio is rather loose at the moment. Everyone has the “Admin” team, which is just a monolithic group that controls repo access. While I don’t want to touch this since it affects other current members, I will most likely be creating teams for specific projects (such as LV2) so they can be managed more easily.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Right now, these repos are slated to move to Rust Audio:

  • rust-vst
  • rust-lv2
  • website repo. This has not been updated for a bit but I feel as though its in a state where the information can be useful. I will continue to contribute towards this project when I get a chance.

Which leaves areweaudioyet and rtb-rs. The former is very barebones and has not been updated in a bit, so I am holding off on it until we can divert more resources towards creating that site, as I will be focused on This is not a final decision, and just my opinion, so please speak up if you’d like it moved.

I am unsure as to the status of rtb. Let me know what you’d like to be done with this one. My preference is to move it.

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rtb-rs seems to be inactive right now, so it’s up to you whether or not we move it right now or wait a bit.

Speaking of which, if anyone would like to help develop it, let me know – pretty much all three major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) could use some help. I have some ideas on how to move it forward, but it would be nice to bounce some ideas off people.

At a minimum, I’d love to have at least one dev on each OS testing stuff out – I could be the Linux dev if people are interested in contributing.

I did a minor update to areweaudioyet yesterday night and migrated it while at it :slight_smile:
I added a couple of links - including this discourse group and the website.

Of course, it’s still very, very barebones - help in making it better would be greatly appreciated!

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@Janonard and @Prokopyl, I’d like to move the lv2 repo into the rustaudio group. Are there any special considerations I should take note of before doing so?

There is nothing on my mind that could stop you. We have no users yet and the CI doesn’t use the URI of the repo, references to the repo are scarce too. Please, go ahead!


What has happened to the migration plans of LV2? We’ve been quite active lately and still wait for the migration of rust-lv2 to RustAudio.

Apologies, I haven’t been active lately. I’ve transferred the repo to and sent both you and @prokopyl an invite to collaborate. Let me know if you run into any issues!

Looks good to me. Thank you!

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