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LV2 Atoms - Should it be a spin-of project?

The atom type system used by LV2 is used almost everywhere across the rust-lv2 framework to send data across systems and programming languages; It is truly a system for general purposes. Therefore, it might be handy to use the lv2-atom crate outside of the context of rust-lv2 project (e.g. for a LV2 host framework) or even outside of the context of LV2 altogether!

I’m therefore suggesting to reorganize the rust-lv2 project in a way that let’s people use the lv2-atom crate without as few dependencies to the other code from the project as possible. However, since it would still depend on the lv2-sys crate, I would still think that it should stay a part of rust-lv2.

What do you think about it?