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How to use LV2 Patch message atoms in rust-lv2

I need my lv2 plugin to receive patch messages from the host. Very similar to the sampler example in the lv2book. Another example is a-fluidsynth of Ardour. Look here for the relevant part in the Ardour source.

I am a little bit stuck with it. I can receive atom messages in my rust-lv2 plugin, but I am a little puzzled how to unwrap the patch messages.

My (simplified) run function as of now looks like this (basically taken from the rust-lv2 book):

fn run(&mut self, ports: &mut Ports, _: &mut ()) {
    let mut offset: usize = 0;

    let control_sequence = ports
        .read(self.urids.atom.sequence, self.urids.unit.beat).unwrap();

    for (timestamp, message) in control_sequence {
        let timestamp: usize = match timestamp.as_frames() {
            Some(ts) => ts as usize,
            None => continue

        println!("message recieved");

        // now what?

I see the “message received” output when the host sends a LV2_PATCH__Set but I can’t seem to retrieve the information out of it.

I tried to set up the URIs for the patch message and have them in my URID collection like

pub struct PatchSet;

pub struct URIDs {
    atom: AtomURIDCollection,
    patch_set: URID<PatchSet>,
    unit: UnitURIDCollection,

But then when I try to read it like

if let Some(_) =, ()) {
    println!("LV2_PATCH__Set recieved")

The compiler says the trait 'lv2::lv2_atom::scalar::ScalarAtom; is not implemented for 'PatchSet'

Now the questions:

  1. Is this already supposed to work, or would I need to add something to rust-lv2 to make it work?
  2. Do I need to implement some trait (like lv2_atom::Atom) for the Patch* struct?
  3. If so, would it make sense to do that in rust-lv2?

I it takes some work on rust-lv2 to archive this, just give me some hints where to start. Then I will try to do it.

I’ve figured out something in the meantime. I’ll put the progject on GitHub soon for further discussion.

Now I put the project on GitHub. See the announcement.

The Atom communication from the host to the plugin now works. The way back is still somwhat troublesome.

This here should IMO go into rust-lv2:

Want a PR?