Rust Audio

Extreme Time Stretch

Hi all,

I wanted to share a project made in Rust. It is an extreme time stretching algorithm, called the NessStretch. If you have ever used the PaulStretch, it is like that, but with different sized fft bins in each audio octave, giving it a much richer and more precise spectral result.

It is available as a crate here:

Instructions for install are there, as is our recent ICMC paper. Once installed just run “ness_stretch -h” from the command-line for help.

Here is a nice example of the results it gets:

Due to rustfft, it is very fast on AVX systems, achieving a 6 hour stretch in about 28 minutes on my machine. python takes at least 6 hours for a similar process. So thank you to the authors of that and the other crates I used in making this.

Let me know any thoughts.