Cpal VS portaudio

Hello All

Beginning in the world of rust audio.
I would want to make a kind of audio game engine, a la SuperCollider, pattern-driven.

I was wondering if the de facto audio engine in Rust for today is more portaudio or Cpal ? Is there some benchmark, or feelings about perf ??

Thanks !

Hi and welcome @simdax!

I cannot help you much, since I’m also interested in the Rust audio not so long ago. I only can say, that the setup instructions for Windows (I have Win 10 & Arch Linux machines) seemed too complicated to me. And also I’d highlight that API of CPAL going to be changed

State of the Repos

This is a gist that got posted where the author says that rust-portaudio is basically unmaintained, and that they’re working on CPAL. And CPAL is written in pure Rust, rather than just being a wrapper around a C library. I haven’t tried it yet and it looks like the API isn’t stable, but it is under active development and I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to be the way forward.

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All right. Let’s say cpal then :slight_smile: