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Contribution guide and/or code of conduct?

While building up rust-lv2, I also thought if the project should have contribution guidelines and/or a code of conduct. As @Prokopyl pointed out, this should be discussed by the whole team. Therefore:

Do we have a code of conduct? Or contribution guidelines? Do we want them? How should they look like?

From my point, we should have them and we should sort them out now, before we need them. However, I guess that we can keep them relatively simple since I don’t expect the team to become too big. Does anybody have experience regarding these topics?

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I think a CoC is better sooner than later. I know CoC acceptance can be somewhat political - and I think we can all agree that rules shouldn’t have to be written. However, CoC helps people (us!) moderate a community more fairly and efficiently by laying out solid boundaries on what is and isn’t accepted. So if nothing else, it will make our jobs easier.

I think it would be fine to link the repository to the Rust CoC, unless someone has another they prefer.

I think that using the Rust CoC as a foundation is fine, but we need to adapt it a little, at least to remove the references to the Rust moderation team, which we aren’t affiliated with.

On the other hand, I personally have big requirements on the CoC. To me, it’s more important to have have one then all of it’s details. Feel free to create a CoC @doomy, we will most likely adapt it!

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Any updates? I’m going to make the first release of rust-lv2 and I don’t want to do that without a CoC.