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Announcement: Minuit + MIDI Control


I recently joined. Just a quick note about a little project of mine: Minuit

It is a (currently work in progress) Gtk based Rust application to be a stand alone software synthesizer with a piano keyboard widget and direct MIDI controller support. It include a sin wave synthesizer taken from Qwertone and uses Fluidlite with a soundfont for a toy e-piano.

My goal is to explore making a small audio app to play music, for both learning this field of application and music itself.

This also led me to create the MIDI control crate:

I grafted midi-consts, extended it and extracted the MIDI code from Minuit and built a demo to make my Arturia MiniLab MkII pads to blink. The goal is to have a crate for MIDI controllers, including supporting sysex, the longer term is to have a framework to map MIDI control to UI.

This will make me explore using Rust to host LV2 plugins.

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Hi @Hub, welcome on this forum!

As the author of the midi-consts crate, I’m proud that this little crate has found some interest :slight_smile:

I see that you have added some useful constants for handling system exclusive events in your copy. Is it ok for you if I include this in midi-consts as well? This way, others can benefit of it as well. If it’s ok for you, can you confirm this by e-mail? I have to ask because midi-control is licensed more strictly. Edit: I would totally understand if you would like to keep it licensed under the LGPL, however.

Are you aware of the excellent wmidi crate?

I think the piano widget is useful on its own, so you may consider releasing it as a separate crate once you think it’s time for that.

I sent you a patch. I kept the copy of midi-consts under its original license as to allow this by default.

The piano widget is a rough port of one coming from a library written in Vala. It is still very rough.

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