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Announcement: Initial Test Plugin Host Implementation

Hello there, I wanted to share something I’m working on: “plugin-host”.

I wrote a blog post talking about it as well as some other experiments here:

It’s a VST host meant to aid development. It’s still very rough but could already be useful.

Source code is published under MIT at GitHub - yamadapc/augmented-audio: Rust - Augmented Audio Libraries

It depends on cpal, baseview, iced, iced_view, basedrop and other of the many great crates people have been publishing.


Cool project!
For testing the DSP, I would rather use automated (unit) tests and split the DSP off in a separate crate that has a simple test module (or do some prototyping with faust or MATLAB, depending on the type of thing you are building). But this seems to be ideal for quickly testing out GUI ideas. A nice addition to the ecosystem!

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I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your work here! This really match a need I have to have something basic that I can either use from Rust, or even embed from other languages (e.g. Elixir) for various purposes. Thank you!

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