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Added Rust-vst-gui macos support

Hi there, I just added mac support to rust vst gui and wanted to share with the community.

Check it out here:

It uses webkit via a native c wrapper so I’m not sure if there are any leaks. Any ideas around checking leaks would be awesome.

Cheers :v:


Fantastic, thanks so much! I was looking for this…

I one question though, is there any way to access execute() on the PluginGui after returning it from get_editor()?

Haven’t tried it but you’d have to cast it to PluginGui I’d assume.

I feel like I don’t know enough about Rust to even ask this question properly, but the problem is that I need to store a reference to the PluginGui to access it later, but I can’t because the internals of rust-vst are keeping the only reference…